Saturday, July 07, 2007

Hot Dogs & Fireworks & Asians

This past week, America & I celebrated its independence in a number of ways. Most notably though for both of us, would have to be the 2007 Hot Dog Eating Competition at Coney Island, where Joey Chestnut took back the championship trophy for all American Fat Asses to be proud of by eating 66 slimey hot dogs.

Not that I had a great view, but it was an entertaining time even though I was cheering for Kobayashi.

The whole thing made me wonder if SoKo (street term for South Korea that I'm trying out) has a comparable holiday. And after an immediate stop over at wikipedia I found out that there really is not. The basic listing of holidays include New Year's, Korean New Year, Independence Movement Day (which celebrates a movement against the Japanese in 1919), Children's Day, Buddha Day (apparently a gigantic festival, which I'm very excited for), Memorial Day, Constitution Day, Liberation Day, Harvest Festival, National Foundation Day, and Christmas. Which that last one amuses me, because only 25% of the country is Christian. There are a few others as well, like Labour Day, Parent's Day, and Teacher's Day, but they're not national holidays. Although I really wonder what Teacher's Day will be like since I'll be one. It's probably like Administrative Assistants Day here, where you get some flowers and a free lunch or something.

Korea stopped being occupied by Japan in 1945, but then had to endure the Korean War from 1950-1953. And then apparently had 5 constitutional changes, and a number of inconsistent presidential elections. I guess it wasn't until 1987 when they really got their act together. So low and behold, there's no benchmark moment for their country like ours & the fourth. The question is I guess, will I become completely unattached to this country and not care next year, or will be so homesick by that point, you'll hear about some little redheaded chick running around the streets of Seoul wearing red, white, and blue and sparklers?