Monday, June 23, 2008

Carribean Bay - Pirate Themed Water Park Fun

Everland. Korea's largest amusement park is just a short cabride away from where I live in Suji. It's located a little south of Seoul near Suwon and it is composed of a few different areas. The main part being the rollercoasters and everyday rides, and then the second part being Carribean Bay - the largest waterpark in Korea.

In the early part of the summer the ticket was about 45,000w, but it goes up to about 65,000w in July/August for peak time. The park opens at 9am, and I recommend getting there around then to avoid lines. We tried sneaking in some food too, but we got caught and they made us put it in a food locker (at these they're nice enough to supply free ones). Of course, its on the honor system so you can always sneak it back in - which I did.

We walked in, and set down our stuff on some rentable beach chairs and then went to hit the water slides. Well, after an hour in line we got down the tallest bobsled in the park in seconds, and I definitely caught some air that freaked me out, but the lines were too long to do anything else.

The highlight of the whole day was easily the "Perfect Wave" ride that allows any idiot attempting to do some fake surfing. I thought I was gonna ride this thing and be a pro off the bat, but after about 3 seconds I fell off. But don't worry, I was a pro by the end of the day... staying on for the full time - posing for cameras (videos to be uploaded later). I'll be looking for a pro-surfing contract by the end of the summer...

Overall - I recommend it. Best part is that July 15th sees Carribean Bay open up a brand new 2nd half of the park. Dozens of slides and random things to do. I'll definitely be going back...

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