Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Wins!! The World Seems Happy

What a day. What an incredible feeling. After 8 years of watching America go down the tubes, it feels so incredible to have a significant change. Unfortunately, I did not get to vote as my absentee ballot never came. However, it wouldn't have mattered much anyway as New York State always goes democrat anyway. I feel more productive having voted in the world's first online primary vote anyway.

Being in another country was nothing short of amazing. At the time there was only one other American on my staff and she was kind of a wet blanket about everything in life so I couldn't celebrate this with her. But the canadians on my staff were really excited, as were the koreans, and it just felt nice to be able to see reactions from those in other countries. Most everyone here was ecstatic, so it was just a nice vibe to be around. I even got lucky and got to watch Obama's acceptance speech live on my computer during one of my breaks. Here's to hopefully a good next 4 years...

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