Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Boardgame Cafe!

Korean Independence Day was Friday, August 15th and we had a nice 3 day weekend. A lot of us are pretty poor these days from world travel, or just too much general merriment and boozing. Plus the weather has been kinda iffy lately anyway and that tends to ruin some things.

We did find the time to go and try some new Indian food in Gangnam (Baba India) and man is that place one of the best I've had in Seoul. After that we wandered over to Coex Mall to just walk around and stumbled across the Boardgame Cafe - one of the most unique places I've seen.

It's a little coffee shop of sorts - coffees, smoothies, etc. But also has a menu for board games. While 85% of it seemed to be games in Korean (obviously) there were quite a few that were pretty entertaining.

My competitive partner in crime and I discovered a game called Blockus where you have to try and out 'strategerize' the other person and limit them from making moves with blocks. Quite entertaining if you have the patience and a competitive nature ;)

Anyway, I highly recommend this place. Although it will run you about 3,700won per hour per person just to play the games, it is worth it. Did I mention that its directly across from the (fake*) Apple Store? mmmm Apple.

*It's an authorized apple retailer store. It has everything Apple would have, but Apple is not yet officially in Korea. Sad. Koreans don't know what they're missing.

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Kristina said...

Hey! This sounds like such a cool place. Do you have any idea if it's still there or not? I'd love to go and spend an afternoon with a menu of board games... Haha. Thanks! ^^