Sunday, August 31, 2008

Suwon Bluewings! Suwon Happy Happy Goal!

One of my favorite things to do in this country is to go to any sporting event. It's one of my favorite things to do at home too, but it's just as fun here too. There difference is that I can go to soccer games here and it's cool. Our closest team would have to be the Suwon Bluewings and the games are seriously fun, and they play in the Suwon World Cup Stadium about an hour south of Seoul.

We went to one in June before the season took a break for World Cup Qualifying Games and the Olympics. We were lucky enough that time to get hooked up with some free tickets from a friend who is a journalist for the team and we got to sit in the crazy fan section. The game we went to this weekend we weren't as lucky but the tickets for the game were only $10 and we were still in the thick of things for the 2nd half.

My favorite part of being there is the cheering. Suwon Happy Happy Goal is a crowd favorite as well as "Suwon Blue-i-wings" because everything in Korea has to have 3 syllables.

One of the funny things I noticed at both games were all the ginormous flags being tossed around. Someone has huge flag that is the colors of the team, Blue and White, and a very large Che Guevera picture on it. Just doesn't seem right being that this country supposedly hates their brothers to the north for communism.

Either way - its a fun time. I recommend it :)

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english said...

Great photos & for past-time activities, you seem to find the best action in Korea...well, I know where the subway is, where you can buy hats/ties for a $1 and where you can ride a bike. Shows what little I really know. For variety, I check your blog. ^^Blessings on 6 mo'mos!~BP.